May 9, 2017
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Here’s Proof That Men Are Just As Sappy And Emotional About Love As You Are

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Then, you look over at your boyfriend, and he’s sitting there dry-eyed, cool as a cucumber.

At this point, you have no choice but to wonder, “Is he a human, or am I just dating a weird, creepy, emotionless robot?”

You toss the whole emotionless robot thing around in your head for a while, until you finally reach the conclusion that he’s not a robot at all. No, he’s just a man!

And men don’t have those silly emotions we have, right?! Wrong.

A recent Reddit thread asked men to give their “deepest, most inward reason” why they crave romantic relationships, and things got REALLY deep. Read along and prove to yourself once and for all that boys have feelings, too!

He just wants to know he’s not broken.

I want to assure myself that I am not broken and am capable of loving someone else instead of just putting myself first.


He needs to feel validated.

Because I need to feel validated. I need someone who cares about me and makes me feel like I actually exist. I would pay them back with all my love, care and attention. Nothing makes me happier than making another person happy, because that means i’m relevant in someone’s life, and that’s all that matters to me. I dont want to be alone.

That and I have a lot of desires. Gotta admit im a little bit obsessed with sexual stuff and I need a partner to give me experience and show me how it feels.


He wants someone to make him feel less alone.

To feel complete, to feel as if my life has a purpose, instead of being endlessly alone.


He wants someone to match him in his pink elephant pants.

I own two pairs of pink elephant pants

one for me one for her


He wants someone he can really talk about his feelings with.

Someone to talk to. All my guy friends don’t want to talk about feelings, my sister will literally tell anyone and everyone what I say, and my parents have the emotional range of a potato… which is probably why I’m this way in the first place.


He needs a relationship to prove there’s nothing wrong with him.

It feels like it’s the only way to prove that there’s nothing wrong with me. When I’m out and I see couples together, I don’t wonder what makes them special. I wonder what makes me broken. I know that there are things about me that aren’t right, and I’m trying to fix them, but every morning I wake up alone feels like a reminder that everyone can tell that I’m not right.


He wants that “falling in love” feeling.

I just like having someone to cuddle and make laugh. I’m pretty happy when I’m single but it’s always nice to have that can’t stop grinning falling in love feeling… until it turns into infinite arguments and she gets sick of your shit lol.


He wants someone to talk to all night.

To share your day with, giggle with, stay up until 5 talking absolute rubbish with, have kids with, watch your kids grow up with, and retire with knowing you have a lifetime of love and memories with them. The mutual knowledge that you are both the most important people in each others lives.


He wants a deeper connection than a casual fling.

Being able to have someone in your life who loves you, craves you and genuinely cares about your very well being are great feelings. No amount of flings will come close to that which is creating a bond with someone who knocks your socks off and you theirs.


He wants someone to quote his favorite shows with.

I like having personal jokes, and someone to quote; sitcoms, movies, and animes with.


He doesn’t want to come home to an empty house.

I have basically been alone since becoming a single dad 13 years ago. Some dating, some fun, but never anything serious.

In 5 years she will, hopefully, go to university… and the idea of there never being anyone at home when I get back from work is awful.

It’s probably not healthy to rely on your kids for that validation, but it is what it is.


He wants to share his day with someone.

It just feels really nice to be wanted. I’ve never had a relationship and all I want is to share my day with someone and they can do the same with me. I don’t even really care about sex (though always a benefit).


He wants someone who understands him.

To feel understood. Ultimately for me it’s about finding someone I can connect with and feel loved by, and be physically close to. Sex is nice, but what I crave even more are things like holding hands, or cuddling during a movie.


He wants someone to build a life with… not a Facebook post.

I really want to find someone who wants the same things as me, and gets excited over the idea of us building a life together. A life, not a Facebook post. A real, genuine life together. Growing together. I want someone to challenge me, and I want to challenge them.

I want that best friend relationship, but I’m having a VERY hard time even finding a woman I can get along with. I run into a lot of the dating tropes that are discussed here, and I refuse to settle. If I’m spending years with someone, I get to be picky.


He wants to love someone with his whole heart.

I want to be able to love someone with my entire heart, mind, and soul and have it wholly accepted and returned. I’ve never experienced love via romantic relationship coming from someone else, and it leaves me feeling worthless and alone.


Tell me you don’t want to leap through the computer and give all these dudes a giant bear hug.

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