Anker’s original SoundBuds won our Co-Op for the best affordable Bluetooth earbuds , and the new Slim Model has proven to be even more popular among our readers. By stuffing the battery and controls in a bulge in the cable, rather than inside the earpieces, these manage to be just as light and comfortable as wired earbuds.

These ~$26 earbuds include eight hour battery life, multiple bud sizes, a clever storage case, and even magnets. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of you had to say.

I recommended the Anker SoundCore for the last one of these so I’m just going to go ahead and recommend the Anker SoundBuds for this one. Most of my friends now have them after my recommendation. They do everything you could want for $26 on Amazon.

– Long battery life, great bluetooth range, sound is great, easy setup, music/volume/siri control built in, microphone and they don’t fall out when working out. Plus they look pretty cool as far as bluetooth headphones go.

I second this nomination. I’m using these as I type. The sound quality is fantastic for this price range. I’ve found them to be reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear for long periods. I recommend them to anyone that will listen to me!