The game’s Variety Map Pack DLC came to Xbox One and PC yesterday, and some players are upset about the price tag.

Though it came out on PS4 late last month thanks to a timed-exclusivity deal, the arrival of four new maps and a handful of loot boxes on both of the other platforms yesterday reminded some players of an uncomfortable truth: Activision is charging $15 for the DLC, even though when the exact same maps were released for Xbox 360 and PS3 nine years ago, it only cost a single Hamilton. And for players on PC, the map pack even came free as part of a patch to the game sponsored by Nvidia.

“Hold on I am confused, aren’t remastered titles usually meant to include the original games content,” wrote ajmurray94 on Reddit, while nonofax asked, “Is this how it is now? Remastered DLC for a remastered game?”

The entire affair hasn’t helped the game’s Steam page either, which now has a growing number of protest reviews, many of which read something like the following:

“A near perfect remaster by Raven Software, tarnished by the greed of Activision. The single player is perfect, but the multiplayer has gone downhill since release due to bad business decisions and a nearly non existent player base. Add in the fact that you can only get this game through buying a special edition of Infinite Warfare and you have plenty of reasons to avoid buying it.”

Of course, the map pack released for Modern Warfare 2 was also $15, but then again that game didn’t also have micro-transactions.