As women, we read article after article trying to understand why men behave the way they do and what they mean by it.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, they’ll all say. They’ll paint men as another species altogether who in order to be understood, need Alan Turing’s decoding abilities.

So, in hope of a little enlightenment, I asked a few of my boys what they’d like us to know about them.

They rose magnificently to the occasion.


1. “We still find women pretty, even if they have no makeup on.”




2. “Men need time to get dressed up too, and it’s not fair that women hog up the bathroom space before going out.”




3. “We cry, too.”




4. “When you ask us what we are thinking of and we say, “Nothing.”
Sometimes, we really aren’t thinking of anything.




But not always. Women aren’t the only ones guilty of overthinking.”


5. “Even though we don’t express it often, we really do love, and love them (the women in our lives) truly.”




6. “Not all guys who talk to you have ulterior motives. Sometimes it really is just a conversation.”




7. “Men sometimes forget details that may be important to you, but not because they weren’t listening. They just don’t consider them important enough to remember.”